Monday, July 6, 2009


Madeleine is based upon the Grodnertal or Groden Tal dolls of the 19th century. These dolls' hair were painted with curliques and arabesques framing their pretty little faces. These dolls predate the simpler, cruder peg-woodens.

Note the low neckline to show off the painted flowers. She has inset black pupil-less glass eyess and is about 21 inches tall not counting her wooden stand. Her dress is high waisted as was the style in the early 19th century. It is made of a lace trimmed blue cotton print.

Like her predecessor, the Queen Anne, Madeleine's head and torso are turned on the lathe and then the features of her face are hand carved. The little bun atop of Madeleine's head is also formed on the lathe. I am especially fond of the Grodner Tal doll because I can use the painting skills I have acquired over many years as an artist.

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